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Our Location

Our school is located at “Samnang 12” in TOUL KORK district. Near the Phnom Penh University.

There is “Samnang 12 Market” at 30 seconds walking distance from the school.


Please inform the taxi driver by saying “PHSAR SAM NANG DAP-PI” when you come to our school.

Enter Street 265 from the west edge of “Street 182 (TEP PHAN)”, and go straight ahead about 200 meters you find signs of the market.

Our school is located in a 1-minute walk from the “Samnang 12 Market”. If you give us a call at 016-666-623 or 017-999-690 from the market, we will come to pick you up right away.

Taxi, Tuk-Tuk

About 15 minutes from our school to the central market by taxi without traffic jam. Taxi or Tuk Tuk fare is about three dollars. 3500-4000 riels would be a reasonable price for motorbike taxi.

We highly recommend the meter taxi. Many Tuk-Tuk drivers do not know the street. When you call a meter taxi, please ask at the hotel reception.

GLOBAL TAXI 023-222-688
CHOICE TAXI 023-888-023

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