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Our School

LINNA CULINARY SCHOOL is a advanced culinary school that opened in June, 2010. Our school is near the Phnom Penh University in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.​

Vong Linna is the principal. She learned cooking and food hygiene management in Japan. Later she has opened a cooking school in Phnom Penh at 2010.

Currently, while she teaches foreign cuisine to the Khmer people, she opened a Khmer cooking class for foreign people because she wanted lots of people to know the food culture of Cambodia.

She has published two full-fledged recipe books written in Khmer language. These can be found in major bookstores in Phnom Penh.




In our school, Western cuisine and Khmer, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thailand, Vietnamese food, with the training of Cambodian students.

Since 2015 we have opened desserts, baking and drink classes. We will plan a short lesson for those who want to learn only a specific genre recipe.

We are offering traditional Cambodian cuisine lessons for foreigners. We hope everyone is inspired and become familiar with Khmer food.

We also have international food lessons for food sanitation. All lessons will be held in accordance with international food hygiene standards.

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