We have many recipes all over the world Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Malaysian, Japanese and Western cuisine.

The list of recipes is so large that we can not show you here. Please come and visit Linna Culinary School. Our instructors advise according to your demand and budget.


We research and develop many recipes from traditional Cambodian food to the latest street food.  You'll get the recipes and techniques you need for a full-fledged, immediate business

We also offer special private lessons for foreigners who want to open Cambodian restaurant. Please contact us for more information.


Baking lessons twice a week. You can master authentic professional skills. For details, please click here. More than 50 types of baker's recipes are available. We also propose new bread recipes that are popular overseas. If you take this course, you can be a full-time baker.


We provide cake decoration techniques. Sponge cakes, chocolate cakes, pound cakes, Butter cakes, You can learn various cake recipes and baking methods. Of course, you can also make your own original cake with the skills you have learned from us. If you want to open a sweets shop, we recommend that you attend.


You will learn how to make Naples and Milan style flour dough and sauce in the lesson. We will make 4 kinds of basic pizza. With only two days of short class, you will be able to make authentic pizza. Besides that, we also have pasta classes.


Chinese-style Char-Siu-Bun, Cambodian style Bun, Man-tou(steamed plane bun) and Char-Kway from wheat flour. Our instructors will teach techniques carefully. There is a secret to making a soft and fragrant Bun.


Please choose from 9 different noodles. This is a professional lesson. You make a real soup from a large amount of ingredients. A deep taste soup has been studied over a long period of time.


For Cafe Owners

Donuts, Cupcakes, Sweets

Drink menu is over 50 recipes. Donuts and cupcakes. And some sweets. This is a selectable class for becoming a cafe owner. Please add a wonderful menu to your cafe. You can master sweets loved by many customers in a short time.


In this course you will learn the knowledge needed to open a cafe. How to use and maintain the espresso machine. Training to make coffee.

We also offer the latest smoothie and drink recipes, As your cafe flourishes


In this course you will learn the basics as a bartender. Training of about 30 major cocktails worldwide. 

Manners and techniques for making cocktails. Learn how to use the instrument. We will also show you where to buy all kinds of liquor and liqueurs.

Food-hygiene Class

Please study food hygiene to prevent accident of food poisoning. We created our own program based on Japanese food hygiene. We will learn sanitation management of kitchen, sanitation management of foodstuffs, prevention method of bacteria adhesion which causes food poisoning etc.

We also offer training for NGOs and restaurant staff.


Linna Culinary School is licensed by the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training. When you complete the prescribed curriculum, we will give you a certificate of completion.

Formal completion certificate will prove of your skill. It will help you to upgrade your career. You can also submit it as a proof of your skills when you apply for a visa to study abroad.

We have various types of lessons for you. Please choose according to your circumstances. Please call me if you have a request.

Class has capacity limit. Please call now.

017 999 690

016 666 623


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